Slow login and or lag

One issue I have never had with EVE is loging in.
This morning I logged in with no problem. However, I just ltried to log in now after DT, and it is so slow. The “Logging In” window that usually only appears for a few seconds, now freezes for a good 30-40sec doing nothing. When the character screen eventually comes up and I click one, two characters disappear and then it sits on that screen with the circle icon going around for another minute before eventually going to the black transision screen for 10-15 seconds and then to my hangar. If I switch ships or undock there is a noticable delay and trying to trigger any module in space also has a noticable delay. When I turn on my covop cloak it initially did nothing, then the ship jumps (as if hit by a lag spike) and then cloaked.

This is unplayable. I don’t know what happened but nothgn changed on my side. It’s as if there is lag on the server side, responding to client inputs.
UPDATE: Its almost 4 hours later and I just tried again, it was much better.

same here, super lag!

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