Sudden Extreme Slowness While Loading After Character Selection

Hello, I have been playing for around 9 years and yes logging in after character selection is now slower than before but has been manageable up until a couple of days ago: After I select my character it now takes way longer to load. The screen stays black for around 1 minute and it briefly shows EVE is “Not Responding” at the top (Freezes) then it loads. It never used to do that and it is breaking my game when switching between characters in time sensitive operations. I have been switching characters with no timing problems up until a couple days ago. I have a high end PC and all my other graphic intensive AAA games still run smoothly. All EVE graphics settings are set to lowest or disabled.

Anyone else?
Did a recent CCP update cause this performance issue?
Did a recent Windows 10 update cause this performance issue?

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Can i delete a cache somewhere to speed up the loading process? if so, where?

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