Lag or something? Can't connect

So I go to log in this morning for some pvp. When I do I log in and seem to experience a little lag. then all of a sudden socket is closed and I am logged out. I go to log back on and I cant. it goes through the process sometimes as far as getting to where it says I am logged in and its processing bulk data etc… but then freezes on black screen. sometimes launcher just says cant connect to server. I have no idea why this is happening. I have internet connection. I also noticed I am getting lag on the websites as well. I am in the US time zone so I am not sure if this is happening to anyone else but I would LOVE to know a solution for this.

In my opinion I would just reinstall the whole game, just a suggestion

I actually just did that and I am still having this issue

Is something going on with EVE today or Internet in general? I am in USA, was in base and my socket closed an hour ago. Since then I either cannot log in or it logs into a black screen. I tried on my PC and laptop, same issue either way.

On my PC I even tried reinstalling the entire game, ran virus scan, defragged, cleaned Windows, and rebooted several times. My Internet connection is fine for other sites, etc.

Okay figured it out. I turned off my firewall and it fixed it. Not sure why it all of a sudden was blocked by my firewall but w/e thanks guys

Okay, odd. Just tried again and it is working now. Maybe that EMP testing is starting today?

navigating to eve folder > evelauncher and opening eve from there might work also

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