Server lag?

(Borku) #1

It feels like the game takes excessive amounts of time to search for an item on the market, log me in to the game, warp me to another star system, let me dock or undock.

Does server lag happen often in this game? Or am I just unlucky for some reason?

(Phizhy) #2

I have exactly the same issues since 2019-05-17 16:00. Never had this kind of problem before. Makes the game unplayable. I have no problems with other games or internet in general, so it looks like it’s a CCP problem. I also ran the client network diagnostics and all seemed fine.

(Borku) #3

I guess it was server overload. Friday night. Lots of folks ready to play instead of boozing. I no longer have this problem. I wonder whether there is another channel to report problems like this.