Having to deal with lag

Hi guys,
I joined a few days ago, and my game is seriously lagging. I just found out that there was a similar problem that happened in 2020 where everyone started experiencing the worst lag at night, and that seems to fit my scenario so far. After all, every time I’ve played so far, it was at night, PST. However, that was 2-3 years ago, and I doubt it stuck around that long. I tried cleaning up my folders, but that didn’t work. Is there someone who can help me? Thank you so much!

Would review EVE Support - Network Diagnostics and contact the game masters to help troubleshoot:

Submit a Support Ticket

Be sure to add the following information:

Network Diagnostics

Thank you so much!

Is there a way to attend a live chat or voice meeting with a game master?

see EVE Support - Contacting Support there is a live chat option bottom right generally.

Again, thank you so much!

I have 340ms ping now, same as in 2006 on a modem. The world forgot how to calculate distance in the last 17 years, my traffic goes the long way round the world.

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