Sudden connection difficulty

so i been back playing for a month or 2 now and as of tonight Im struggling to connect. I have been on the internet all day just a short while ago turned off the xbox after palying some hours of halo multiplayer but trying to log onto eve I get

"Bad Address

Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong."

I have no idea. none at all, i havent changed anything with my modem or computer. its just suddenly stopped working and now I cannot even log in properly. I tried to connect in abour 30 mins ago and it took 3 tries before the launcher even launched the game, and then it took several failures with the log in disconnect before i did manage to get in. I didnt undock as i was questioning the stability of the connection so I decided to try restarting my modem. And instantly “Bad Address” log in failure.

No idea what i can do to fix it, I guess its soemthing i just have to wait to fix itself?

It was a ddos attack.

well there you go. I honestly though especially after this morning that it was indeed me, specifically my network adapter on the way out. Guess it was a tag team of ddos plus my adapter having a moment lol

All while my xbox was insisting that everything was fine and I needed to relax lol

i 4 toons are still fubard…if i get in with one it is lag and dc after 10-15 minutes

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