New ddos?

$20 in freedom monies says we are under a new ddos because of the patch. eve was at 30.5k and now its at 21k and i cant even log back in.

Can’t log in error says I have no internet. Puzzling part of no internet is how I can post on the forums.
Pushing 20min without being able to get online

Same here : - (

Great. Me Too :frowning:
Super timing when nothing else to do.

Dido…I mean ditto…

If you can get through the launcher to an EVE screen with a “connect” button on it, wait a moment and try clicking that.


That worked…TY sir!

+1 cookie


Yes, please see here: Tranquility Currently Under DDoS Attack

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2 of my 4 accounts get to this screen. the other two wont connect.
on the two that will get to that screen, clicking the connect button causes an error and client close

The “connect” button isn’t a magic bullet, but I think the timing of passing your login token to the server is different compared to the launcher. It’s confirmed DDOS, not much you can do except try and (wait a minute) try again.

The computer says No!

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And you wonder why CCP panders to the whales? Oh man, If CCP holds their ground on this! :popcorn:

The same problem with me

It is taking like 2 minutes to undock and the station is moving back and forth.

Lay off the Soothsayer.


Mine expired…

/btw I am also seeing (system name) will be clear in 160 seconds or something message pop up.

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