OMG the DDoS attack is still going?

yep down here

Just gone back up

you would think they would have fixed it after i had slept for 8 hours. actually its been 12 hours since the attack started so even worse. i didnt log on right away after i woke.

CCP dont work on weekends.

CCP is not the source of the DDoS attack.

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Looks like there was another attack at approximately 22:13 UTC which may have led to a wave of players being disconnected from TQ (myself included!) but this time it was not as widespread as earlier today. Our engineers were on the case quickly and are monitoring the situation.

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I keep wondering what the incentive is for people to DDoS the TQ server is. I know DDoS is commonplace, but TQ seems to get hit more often than most other games/services… In any case it is more noticeable in New Eden

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Revenge. Take a look back over who was recently tossed off the game for exploit usage and other EULA violations… then trace to when these DDoS attacks started. Simply put the mind set is “If can’t play then no one can”. some adults are still children In their minds and this sadly is a result of such mentality.


Example :
For internal DDoS, the benefit is a personal break from work and then more time on pubg maybe…

Internal DDoS? Really? Seems kinda stupid, since DDoS will just make more work for other departments. Seems kinda selfish

Makes me loose a bit of hope in humanity

Was that another attack this morning at 10:30 GMT?
Pain in the arse this all is!

You need to use a thicker tinfoil in your hat.


Again today. My internet was working normally except Eve Online… really CCP? we are in 2020 not in the 90s… my main thing in Eve was abyssals . now I am afraid to play because of these disconnects and attacks. So I wonder, whats the point to pay my sub if I cant play te game? And I am not the only one…I lot of players that I know are thinkin not to pay anymore for the game. Well the incompetence of CCP techs will loose CCP some good money.

Before you guys start to whine, maybe use google and at least try to understand what is DDoS attack.

Then maybe some of you will be more grateful for devs that are able to block botnet and restart services in few minutes after each attack.

No one care about poor “unsub” threats. Especially CCP.

Well if you enjoy to play a game that is unplaylable its up to you. Same its up to me . We are different persons, different thinking.

There is no way to completely stop a DDoS -attack from affecting your systems. The comments you have made just show how little you understand how networking and the services on the internet work.

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I don’t enjoy. But I at least understand why it is unplayable and why it can’t be fixed.

Relax, CCP may still reimburse your lost ship, if you lost one. If its their servers that failed.

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