Tranquility server problems compensation for omega accounts

There has been lots of server problems with Tranquility last weeks. Lots of people are naturally angry about continuous server problems.

I propose compensation for omega accounts for these problems. Give free skill points and perhaps free skins for omega accounts.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

Moved to General Discussion. Could you specify what sort of problems? I have not experienced much of any problems, as of late.

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Are you joking?

For some reason i cant link reddit threads, they just become a picture …

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you sir will regret that statement by the end of the day.

grabs popcorn


There are many words that could be used to describe the type of statement you have just made, none of them is polite, and all of them would be accurate…

Above quote in image format:


First of all, Chat issue is not a TQ server issue but a Cloud Service issue. Same can be said about most Socket Closed errors, they are rarely caused by the TQ server itself but by some middle-point in between server and the end user’s network.

I don’t deny that they cause disruptions/annoyances but CCP is not obligated to give compensation; yes, they have given out compensation in the past but those were mainly given in a time where said disruptions (Expansion releases/updates) took considerably longer than the scheduled 1 hour downtime (or more depending on how big of an expansion/update is was). By considerably longer I mean it could take almost half a day (or that is how it felt).


20 minutes for that? Wow, is your main in PL? because not logging in for a year is probably not a good basis for making informed statements.

No, I’m not in any major Corp/Alliance.

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The consistent issues are much much more annoying than a one-time 12h downtime though! Most of the threads i linked a several months old, but the issues are still not fixed!

This is seriously affecting gameplay, for example i barely use marauders anymore because i got socket closed errors several times when i was in bastion mode. (Emergency warp doesnt work when in bastion mode, you just stay on grid and die if you cant log back in fast enough.)

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I had no issues, can I get free stuff too?

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And you are aware that CCP previously provided compensation for the poor chat server issues (which are still continuing).

Whilst they may be cloud services outside of the physical Tranquillity sever, they are still major aspects of the game itself - the inability to fix these problems will continue to give the impression that CCP are incompetent (although I’m not sure anyone thinks anything else) and unable or unwilling to fix the issues they caused.

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I get that, but it should also tell everyone that has these issues that it’s not something that can easily be fixed. Some have issue, on the other side the majority may not have any issues at all. This makes it even more complicated to identify what’s the cause of it all.

But according to CCP Falcon they only provided the compensation once the issues were resolved, so you must be mistaken and there should be no issues anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about CCP issuing a warning then.

" Chat system unreliable, it’s entirely possible that you won’t see a red fleet in local till they have hot dropped right on top of you"


Chat is NOT a magic system wide omni-scan. If chat is not available ask a friend or use alts and dscan the gates.

The not related disconnects are a result of connection issues. Not at the server side.

PS: Jita + broken chat is like heaven.


Simple fix!Go outside


raise a support call when you have an issue, provide logs, screenshots etc as evidence. Then it can be tracked and addressed.

To be more specific: A result of EVE connection issues!

If i run EVE and another game on the same internet connection, i never have any connection problems in the other game when i get socket closed errors in EVE! If EVE connections are that sensitive to minor issues along route to the servers, then CCP should work on the way EVE connections work.


I was not clear enough. The socket disconnects are not related to the chat issues. If I run EVE and another game neither disconnect.

A friend of mine had the disconnect issue occasionally. I and some others fixed it for him. Have a nice day. Was NOT CCP’s fault.