Can u log in?

what is going on again?

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Yeap local freaking out and then no login

Nope, says cannot validate account.

cant log in on any account something token not working.

same cant log in, token problem

Token problem for me as well. 2 accounts.


yup cant log in on two accounts.



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CCP or PA pls fix

Although I’m still logged in does it seem to be of a bigger effect. It’s visible already on EVE Offline.

Is there a big nullsec battle going on or something? :thinking:

yeah between professional programmers and the ones that only think they know programming.

Not just me who cant log in then…lol…driving me bonkers wondering whats going on :roll_eyes:

You know what CCP stands for do you? :wink:

CCP please fix…the login is broken again.

this is why CCP doesnt have a phone number.

why? so when it breaks we cant flood their call center?

call center… heh…

customer service doesn’t matter to CCP i think.