[RESOLVED] - 2018/12/06 - Login Issues

(Jarlaxle Banre) #21

Id really like to understand how the same launcher issue keeps coming back. Its not a cold…find and research the problem deploy the correct fix…never deal with it again how is this not SOP??? I love you guys and all but geeezze ive seen this token refresh error at least a half dozen times. Its not even MFA…It even asked me to re validate my email address. but wont even add my account to the pinned accounts.

(Parovozkin Lasombros) #22

Same problem…cant login

(Sho'Riagl Khardula) #23

Same here :frowning:

(pulse1976) #24

Four foot snake…

(Dracx Ghekon) #25

ERROR when refreshing token…

(Masters Patrouette) #26

It does not make sense that we can log into the website but not the Launcher. A few moments ago, the Launcher showed 12,250 players. Now it shows 12,275.

(Greylord Kane) #27

Same here can’t log in…sigh isk potential making down the tube this morning apparently :frowning:

(Danny Oleg) #28

Im at work so playing this game now is the only thing that keeps me from not going bored so FIX THE LOGIN PROBLEM!!! :)))

(Masters Patrouette) #29

So true. I’m losing opportunity to make tons of ISK not being able to get into the game this morning.

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(Cisco Saissore) #30

Sadly my PI empire has ground to a halt

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(Santa Spirit) #31

I’m currently unable to wrap presents

ho ho ho…

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #32

who do you call a ho?

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(Sho'Riagl Khardula) #33

I shouldn’t reply to self, but… Why the need to display 2 names for those of us with apostrophes in our names? Very 1990’s.

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(Giggle Pickle) #34

Guys. What do now? Outside hurts

(xCONFLiCTiONx) #35

Oh, is this where all the cool guys went?


(Sho'Riagl Khardula) #36

Trouser snake?

(Utarg of Utarg) #37

Why do you think it’s the launcher?
I was in after the downtime and then when I went to change accounts got the ‘error refreshing token’ errors.
The launcher hasn’t changed since I managed to log on.

(Greylord Kane) #38

Not fun listen to all your buddies in mumble who can get in but you cannot :frowning:

(Residium Fall) #39

Ten green bottles standing on a wall

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(Chavi Ono) #40

Tokens are stored in same cloud as jita local.

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