Weeks on a ticket still no one responds?

been week or more on my help ticket yet no one responds ? I have a account with a character named Phobo Phobia on it that was banned slash blocked temp because of a charge back with paypal and they say i need to reverse the transaction yet i can’t do it since i must re buy the subscription again ! The problem is I can’t log in to fix this problem since it’s blocked ! I would like to know if GM’s over to busy to help me or what ?

Keep in mind that support tickets, depending on which category you submitted in, takes at least a week or two before you get anything. Often times you have to wait much longer especially when CCP has a backlog of tickets to look through for that specific category. This is why it’s important to carefully submit your tickets under the right category.

In your case, it’s likely the category you submitted in has one such backlog especially if it involves the ban hammer.

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well thanks for the info

I had the exact same problem a few years ago. There was fraud on my card and it was cancelled. Some reason it also revoked the payment I had already made in eve and it banned me for a week. I got help fairly quickly. Since I could not log in to add game time, they instructed me to buy plex on an alt, and provide them the name of the toon and exact location of the plex. They took it out and now I’m back in action. Hope this helps o7

(Edit: I’d like to point out that while it took them only a week to bring me back, more often than not, it takes a while for a response. One time it took a month for them to get back to me on a separate issue. My advice is to regularly check your email for responses, but do not antagonize them to work faster, they are very busy.)

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