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How long does GM usually take to get a response?

You know what, since i didn’t see your message and it’s basically asking the same as mine… i’ll bump this whilst querying:

is yours an account related issue as well? ( to be specific mine is also related to buying steam DLC and a new ‘random account’ being created )

Because if they’re different departments i guess there may be little correlation in support reponse time.

In some cases I’ve had to wait a week or so for a response, which depends on their workload.
I don’t want to go into specifics to avoid setting expectations, but I feel the GMs have always treated me well, given me the benefit of the doubt, and tried to make things right, when it was within their power and did not conflict with their responsibilities.

In 15 years Ive only ever had one disagreement with the GMs. Every other time theyve have delivered above and beyond the call.

Try to be nice and polite when you deal with them as they are humans and pissing off customer support generally ends badly for those pissing. My ex was a GM for other games and we used to skype due to long distance and she really opened my eyes to what GMs have to go through on a daily basis.

Depending on area some are answered quickly, others more slowly, relax… dont get angry at the person behind the desk as they didnt take your stuff anyway. Drink a beer or smoke a joint if thats your thing and go blow something up to take some steam off and wait a bit.

I know its not what youd like to hear but patience is a virtue in some cases.:wink:

Hey There,

Depending on Problem, and if it was correctly placed, the ticket can take a little bit. Some issues are very complex and need to be investigated by Senior Gm’s, of which they have a heavy workload.

Tickets are also answered in the order they are received.
As this answers your question I will go ahead and close this.