No feedback for more than 20 days

After submitting a ticket, I’ve waited for more than 20 days. As a matter of fact, no GM or stuff replied to my support ticket at all. Is this normal ?
When I tried to submit another relevant ticket, the new one will be closed and merged into the old request by some GM. But they just do not reply to my actual ticket. What’s wrong with those GMs?

They’ve always been super fast with mine. The last two were answered 4 and 10 minutes from submission.

Any details about what your ticket involves? (don’t say anything that could identify anyone)

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As with @Cristl, I have always found the GM team to be exceptional in responding to all my queries - even to some rather off the wall requests for which I did not expect a resolution.

I have seen many complaints about response times, and these invariably have been associated with account bans, closures or asset losses. All those things take a lot of investigation and one imagines GMs are not permitted to comment until the facts are known. Your note indicating that tickets are merged shows someone is reading them, at least.

Whatever the issue, it’s probably not going to be solved here. The one thing I have always seen is that politeness gets you a long way. I have no idea how you have approached the issue, but I would recommend being as polite as you can, however frustrated you may feel. (Not saying you have been anything but polite).

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Depends on the problem, I have found important things gets pushed, while menial things get delayed.

It can also be that only a certain type of developer can respond.

Only thing you can do is wait, I’m afraid.

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