Hi ive been waiting for over a MONTH for a reply to my support ticket.
Please help me I want to play the game !!

If anyone who can help reads this please nudge the support team to take a look.

What keeps you from playing?

The forums are not the place to discuss your support tickets. If it is not answered, wait. You might have a difficult ticket.

Do not make new tickets for the same stuff, that is the reason you are waiting.

People resubmitting should get a 30 day ban first time and permaban on second offense.

You could, if it’s just a gameplay issue, explain what is bothering you and people might suggest workarounds.
But no one can really help you here.

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Look at mr. wanna-be forum moderator

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Yeah, let me delete some posts and lock some threads. Hilarious.

As stated, Forums can’t help with Support Ticket. Support team will get to your ticket eventually, also as mented, resubmitting tickets will only worsen your wait. I’ll go ahead and close this.