WTS 95 ml sp: 60 bil b/o


Positive wallet
4.46 sec status
2 Jump clones available, both in nul sec, char is now in Jita in npc corp
no kill rights

I would like to sell the toon for 60 bil

I will pay the 60b for B/O

ok, lets do it, i confrim

Isk payed.

Account info sent.

Please confirm

Received, transfer will be done soon

Have you begun the transfer of CarlosB?

His eveboard is in error now. Either transfer had started or something fishy.


Price too good to be true?
No follow up comm?
Skill sheet goes to 400?

These are bad signs.

u probs got scammed dude

Seems so.

Made a ticket to CCP 4 days ago. No news yet :worried:

No news from GM or CCP.

Hoping they will clear this out soon :roll_eyes:

Pretty poor form from CCP. At the very least they should have opened correspondence with you about it by now… From what I’ve read though they take a long time to track everything and then will get back to you when they’re finished looking into it.

You’re not alone. I have a scam ticket that I opened 9 days ago that has not been responded to. Ticket processing tends to back up whenever there’s a new content update, so I’m sure they are swamped right now. Unfortunately, your ticket, which involves 60 billion ISK, gets no higher priority than the guy who “can’t find his ship”.

Don’t worry, they’ll get to it soon ;=)

Still waiting for GM/CCP to do anything about this situation :angry:

My ticket mentioned above is still open also. I added a courteous follow up note to the ticket yesterday just to make sure I stay on the GMs’ radar screen ;=)

The good news is that, since that scam, I have had 14 consecutive character purchases without any issues. I think the recently implemented account log-in verification step is helping, plus I have added a couple of my own “verification procedures” to help screen prospective purchases.

No news from GM or CCP. Hoping they will get this issue fixed before christmas :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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