wts character
all CCP rules applay
walet positive

85b starting bid
110 buyout

80Bil ISK ready


91Bil ISK ready

94b ISK even more ready

had 95 in mind as perfect price

if noone offers 95b in next h
ill accept 94

94bil offer acepted
can send isk

Isk and account info sent :heart:

Been over 24h and I haven’t received the char or a Response…

contact CCP in a ticket. Best case he’s got account issues. Worst case you wait for a month and a half to get your ISK back

Going to give him a few more hours and then do that ty

Edit: His Skillboard is still updated freshly nothing extracted high chances he just couldn’t respond because of rl issues.

Well haven’t heard anything from the guy… been over 48h support ticket made :woman_shrugging:

one of the worst thing ccp ever made, the buyer is always freezing his isk… why we do not have the option to transfer it to a midpoint, and if the chartransfer is initiated and finished, the seller get his isk, if the transfer is not initiated after 24h, return isk…

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I could explain why, but that would actually be unwise

say it…

Let’s not derail the scam sale. happy to chat in game.

BTW you were warned: