looking to sell myself
all CCP rules aplay
positive walet
rest of info in link
looking for 50-70bil

Offer 52b?

offer 55b and we hawe deal

I’ll do 55 bil. Send isk?

deal i accept offer

ISK and account info sent

When you going to initiate transfer? Thanks

Assuming scam, reported to ccp

It’s been 3 hours, people can take a day or so to reply…

I know I have bought over 10 characters. The character profile in game shows transfer started 2 hours before I even bid on it though. Wish I would have looked first.

The seller responds in minutes to each reply, once ISK is sent then stops replying. In game transfer time is either incorrect AND failed to send transfer notice, or, he’s scamming. Every character I have bought has got the transfer notice email immediately. And all time in Eve is GMT.

Character has been partly extracted now. Waiting for ccp to do something :confounded:

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