5.5m sp 2.9m scanning cyber 5

positive wallet
located in high sec
npc corp

new edens hunter kikimora skin
police comet skin

2B offer

4B offer

Excuse me, are you still there?

Terribly sorry I’ve been a bit wrapped this past week. If you are still interested I accept the 4b offer. Send isk and acc name and ill get it started!

bump still for sale looking for 4b

4b payout if accepted soon!

accepted send isk/acc name and i’ll get it started!

Sending within 10 minutes from this character to Kraul Dukat

Isk sent and evemail sent with account information for transfer

Just tried to initiate but it says your acc is already in the process of a character transfer. Will try again in the morning o7

There is another character happening. Try again in the AM please.

Please initiate the transfer now. Let me know. Thank you!

Have you initiated the transfer or have a time when you plan to?

It looks like you responded and then removed the response. I need to know before I take this issue to CCP.

Hello? Are you transferring this? If not, return my isk.

If the seller does not respond within the next 24 hours, please create a ticket so that a game master can make sure you get your isk back.


Support ticket submitted


We Will keep this Thread open in case that the Seller want´s to write something.
The Gamemasters will handle the Ticket and regulate everything else.