on eveskillboard does the 8.8m already include the unallocated? or is it 8.8+.2=9b total? if the actual total is over 9b i offer 4b for the toon

8.8+0.25=9m sp

alright, offer is 4b then, isk ready



5B ISK is ready

5.5B isk ready

I accept 5.5 b

send isk and account details and ill transfer asap

Isk sent from my alt. Acc name is in isk donation reason.

Character transfer has been started,

Have not received CCP e-mail. Please confirm correct account was selected for transfer.

EDIT: Will wait until 24hours have passed since sending isk and account info before submitting ticket

I am submitting a ticket because I still have not received the character nor an official email from CCP regarding the transfer process. Hope this is resolved soon.

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