WTS 119M SP subcap and supers char

all important info in skillboard above

Startin Bid 90 bil
Buyout 100b

80b :+1:


81.1b :stuck_out_tongue:


82b offer

too low

Daily bump



Mail Sent

90bil accepted via mail.Waiting for acc.name and isk

Isk & Account Name Sent.

** Sale On Hold

isk sent back because Character transfer is locked. I will contact customer service to solve this s…t.Thx CCP i love you

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I cancel for now this sale because CCP completely ignore my ticket…still no response yet.I’ve run out of patience with this game.

Apologize my previous reaction.Senior GM Huginn explained me the whole situation why transfer is locked.Sale of this char is now definitely canceled.

I can offer you 90B, and no scam. The name of the previous buyer was slightly risky!

Sry sale is closed.Problem is that this char which i bought also here few months ago was hacked before and must be returned to the original owner.Bad luck for me but nothing can be done about it.

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