59mill SP Loki pvp,SOLD


35bill starting bid,

no pressure to sell, please don’t low ball

thanks for looking

28 bil b/o

I can offer 29B

thank you contact me in game on this toon if you interested . you have deal for 24 hours

Please see rules for selling char.
Missing location, wallet, and need to be in NPC corp

everything is in evescout , its in npc corp its in hs evescout didnt update corp thats on them.

eveskill doesn’t show wallet, and it doesn’t list your location… rules clearly state you MUST type out those items…

wow what are you a moderator? who in their right mind sells an alt with isk in wallet? but i appreciate your reminder. its a CLEAN toon in JIta, 0isk and made sure all implants destroyed and no ship anywhere.

are you interested in buying? xD

i was…

too late sorry i just extract him … thank you for your interest

There must be a positive amount of isk in the wallet… because the character being sold, is where the isk is transferred to, then the isk is transferred to another alt…

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