[WTS] 143 mil SP PVP/Combat Focused Pilot [SOLD]

This character meets all posting criteria. He has a positive wallet balance, there are no kill rights on him, his jump clones are all located in High-Sec, He has a positive security status, and he is currently docked in Jita. He can fly everything battleship class and below with Tech 2 weapons and tank (excluding Trig and Edencom ships, although he can fly the Trig assault frigate). He has already trained for the Gallente dreadnought with the capability to fly in any other Tech 1 dreadnought. Too many level 5 skills to list here. Character Sheet


full set high-grade crystal with Omega

full set high-grade nirvana with Omega

full set high-grade ascendancy

full set standards with ice and gas 5% hardwiring

Neural remap available now

Access to five level 4 research agents (mechanical engineering, Caldari starship engineering, rocket science).

I am asking 160 billion ISK or best offer.


115 billions

120 bil

121 billions

126B offer


Thank you for the respectable offers but I’m really looking for offers closer to the 160 billion asking price. I am willing to come down a bit though. This character has tons of potential as is, and he can be chopped up a bit for some ISK. Although, I hope that whoever adds him to their stable keeps him in one piece!

The numbers just arent there for 160. I estimate this toon is at break even worth 140 with current price of injectors/extractors. Its a great looking toon for sure but at the end of the day the market really dictates the price.

After further consideration and in light of the info above I’ll reextend my offer of 130b good for 24 hours.

You make some good points and 130 billion is definitely a respectable offer. However, if you take into consideration the depreciating amount of skills applied to a character via injection of skill points at varying degrees of total character skill points it would be much more expensive to build a character of this magnitude simply by injecting skill points. I ran the math and with large skill injectors selling at 900 million ISK and skill extractors buying at 450 million ISK the total amount of extractable ISK is about 144 billion. So if you want to go by approximate injectors/extractor market prices to value the character I think that 145 billion is a fair price and my absolute bottom line. Moreover, considering the price of the implants this character has, and his standings, plus the research agents, 145 billion seems like a more than fair price.

Completely understandable. Unfortunately 130 is my max offer. If the toon was female i might consider more! :slight_smile: Good luck with your sale!

131b offers

Weird math. 900M-450M=450M “profit” per injector, i.e., per 500k SP. 143M-5M (unextractable)=138M SP. 138M/500k=276 injectors. 276*450M=124.2B

Not saying you should sell for that amount and the extractor/injector prices are also not accurate atm, but whatever you calculated is not correct.

I should probably use a calculator more often :slight_smile:

This character would be a great addition to anyone’s stable. I just need an offer of at least 143 billion and the deal is done!

Come on peeps! This character is a steal at 143 billion.

132B offer

Thank you for the offer but I think that 143 billion is a fair price. Why only offer 132 billion?