[WTS] 97m nice allround PvP/PvE character

This char is a very nice allround character, with excellent skills for PvP and PvE content.



Positive Sec status 5.0
No assets
Located in high security system
Positive wallet
2 x remaps

Starting bid = 75b
Buyout = 85b

Willing to wait for the right buyer, will not be sold for extraction value.

80 bil ;=)

Hello again :slight_smile:

Thanks for your bid. I know it’s worth more, so dig a bit deeper please.

Still love your character… how about 82.5?

If you wan’t it now, it’s 85b :wink:

EDIT: Don’t make be bring out the calculator again.

Lol, please don’t!!

I’ll hold at a bid of 82.5b for now. That’s a few b over current JIta extract value…

Puts the old calc back in pocket.

Since you’ve been persistent, you can have it for 84b if you take it now. Otherwise I’ll let it run for at few days.

Done. 84 billion!

Deal, send ISK and I’ll start the transfer.

ISK and account info sent!

Received, will start transfer shortly!

Character transferred as per instructions in evemail.

P.S you even got an extra 500.000 SP, with you in the deal (forgot to pause skill training). If your conscience simply can’t bear the thought, of having been awarded that massive amount of SP for free, please forward your donation to the character Gre3n in-game :blush:

Thanks, V’icki, transfer confirmed.

And nice incremental return on the hold… bids were around 70b back in November!

Excellent. Yeah times have changed for the better :slight_smile: Thanks

P.S. Value of bonus SP shared with Gre3n ;=)

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