WTS 93M SP Missile PVP Focus SubCap Char 99% Dangerous Killboard

Positive Wallet
Over 1K ships destroyed only 9 lost on Zkill
Char is in NPC Corp In Jita 4-4
2 Snake High Grade pods and a Mid Grade Snake pod
No Killrights
Starting Bid 80B
B/O 95 Bill

85b offer, actively shopping for a character, so offer stands for 24hrs

Offer Noted- If no better offers before 0200 Eve time I will accept your offer!

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Hour and a half roughly with no other offers and its yours! :slight_smile:

If you are around- Offer accepted! Send isk and acct name!

Logging in now to send isk and account name

isk & evemail sent

Recieved- Transfer started!

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