[WTS] 120 mil SP Character (Subcap PvP focused, excellent all around skills)

Very well balanced all round PvP character. Slight Amarr bias.

  • 119.4 m SP at the time of posting with active training queue.

  • 231 skills with 134 at L5, 79 at L4

  • Just 2 clones
    Present Clone has +5 implants for intelligence and memory.

Other clone.
Annotation 2020-08-16 162728

  • Positive ISK balance
  • Positive sec status, no kill rights
  • 1 standard remap and 2 bonus remaps available, currently maxing out Intelligence and Memory focused skills.

See EVESkillBoard here (Password: Zyx) https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zyxtyr

In no rush to sell, but will do immediately for the right offer.
Will check back daily.
Will pay CCP transfer free ofc.


85b offer

Thanks for the offer, but too low. Worth 96b already. Will hold out for a bit more.

90b offer

Thanks Bruce, but I’ll hold out for a better offer.

Greetings to all who read this. I should have made it clear in the post. Please don’t offer if you can’t beat 96b as I have an interested party who will take it at that amount. I’ll be looking to get higher offer than that, but anything less than 97b is a waste of your time.

Character sheet updated with a small and medium precursor weapon skills to 4.

Good luck with the sale - I think the most I could go to is 93 in the current market

If your interested party falls through, the offer is there

Free bump

Cheers. Thank you. Not in any rush. Let’s see what comes in.

I was looking for above 100b. Doesn’t look like that is happening.
Received in game offer for 97b.

Will accept a 99b buyout.

95B give me

Thank you for your offer, but as I have made clear in the posts above I am looking for a higher value

Withdrawn from sale as I need the char for some stuff. Char will be back on the market in 1-2 months.
This post can be closed at anytime. tx.

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