96m Sp mainly super focused toon


As title suggests

96m SP mainly super focused toon with gunnery skills trained for a decent titan pilot (books injected)

Slave pod located in lowsec

Not currently located in jita but can be if price is right for toon to be sold.

For extra details shoot me a mail.

90B for a start :grin:

92b isk ready.

Up we go

95B B/O

cancel order

97B ready now

cancel order

100B ready

cancel order

105 ready now

cancel order

110B ready now

cancel order

All current and future offers by User Traha are null and void for the continuation of this sale.

Toon is still for sale, not in any rush at this moment

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110B ready

110b offer accept, awaitng 24 hours for isk

if isk is not recieved then toon is still for sale

Thank you for your acceptance. I need some time to pay you

thanks for reply will allow some time