[SOLD] 11.9 mill sp toon for sale


Located in Amarr Docked in station VIII (Oris)

positive wallet

8 bill start 10 bill buyout

6 bil. Isk ready


7b. too much waste

7b accepted. ready to transfer.


sorry, i have bought another chat, fly safe and hi price for you.

bump! bids continue.

Slick Savage sent you an ingame mail.


Would you accept 6.5b?

can you do 7?



Sure, I can do 7b. Will be home in a few hours to xfer isk and give you the account details.

OK sound good

SOLD for 7b

Have sent account info. Will send isk when I get home shortly.

Isk and account info sent

ISK received, toon transfer in-progress.

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