WTS 93.9M SP Small-craft PVP toon: Lots of T2 stuff!


Bid: 50B
B/O: 65B

No jump clones, no kill rights, full set of standards, character in Jita 4-4, zero ISK

This is me, btw, I am selling myself

@Furena_Kashuken Might be your man to sell too

bet, thanks!

Mezagog 44B

Still looking for a minimum bid of 50B!

bump, i’m quite a catch!

let’s give 'im another bump

bump it again

I’ma sell this last char if it kills me

45b offer

50b isk ready

50B top bid!

@Anckee_Pellion if i don’t receive a higher bid it’s yours by the end of the day!

@Anckee_Pellion ok, it’s all yours! transfer isk when ready

I’m at work! I’ll be home in a few hours to send you the isk! Thank you!

Isk and account info send to mezagog in game!

isk received, transfer initiated, character sold!

Transfer email received.
Thank you o7