WTS 100mill SP great PVP Char

I am for sale,

0.2 sec status
1 x mid grade cyrstal set (Jita)
1x mid grade amulet set (jita)
250 SKINS including some very expensive ones.
3 remaps

Char located in Jita

Can fly plenty of ships with great support skills.

Please peruse my Skills (not yet updated SP and sec)

Positive Wallet, great killboard.

Not in a rush to sell so give me your offers.


TY for your kind offer.

Iā€™m lookng for more than this.


81bil BO cant go higher than that. Trust me thats a good price.


Thanks again.

If you want to go to 92 then we have a deal.

Thank you again for your interest.

Deal 92


Yeh, sounds good. Please send ISK and account details

Isk and account info sent

All received, TY.

I just sent you an EVE mail.

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Transfer initiated, TY

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Confirmed. Thank you

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