WTS 67M SP Moros/Carrier/Subcap Pilot

Selling Myself - 67m SP

Moros - T2 Seige / Gal Dread V / Cap Hybrid V / JDC V
All Cruisers / Destroyers / Battle Cruisers at V
Recon IV / Logi IV
Decent Sup Skills
20 days off T1 Triage Apostle
Can do combat / farming Nid
Cyno V
Decent Support skills

Obligatory Information:

  1. EVESkillBoard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/grimchamp_champingtons
  2. Wallet Balance - 0
  3. Kill rights - None
  4. Jump Clones - 1 MG Slave clone currently in Jita 4-4
  5. Character located in Jita 4-4

Expecting over 60B, plenty of time and in no rush to sell.

Eve mails will not be read please post offers etc. here.

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For Sale

40b B/O

Thank you for the bump, after breaking out the abacus I see that 40b is 20b less than 60b! As such I won’t be accepting your offer. Char still for sale!

do to u Security Status -6,44 i will not pay 60b for that toon but i will rise my bid to 45b B/O

Hello thank you for your comment, once again I have reached for my trustee abacus which tells me that 45b is 15b less than 60b!

Consequently, I will not be accepting your offer. However you are going in the right direction.

If you are serious that the sec status is the issue and you’re not just trying to lowball why don’t you lower your offer by however much it costs to pay to raise it. <1b anyway.

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I thought going into that much detail would over complicate things for him, he was already having trouble with addition/subtraction.

For sale!

mail send

50b B/O

Thanks, but still 10b short so I will not be accepting.

For Sale!


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59 billion

Home in 30, if you make it 60 it is all yours this evening.

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B U M P @Erin_Evenmoore I’ll take the 59 if you are still offering.