Moros pilot 30kk sp (SOLD)

WTS Moros char near perfect skills if interested msg here with offer

32B ~~~~~~~

I agree, please confirm if you are ready to process it

Follow all rules here.And comfirm with the character you want to sell.Then I would like to pay 34bil

The char is already in NPC corp, in Perimeter, there are some useless things around universe in hangars like cynos etc nothing worth taking notice

Online for another hour.If you accept my price.I can give isk and account information right now.

Ok, since the first person does not respond, ill contact you ingame in a sec

Mail replied,isk sent too,please check.

Support ticket created.

ISK received.

If there’s no deal, I’ll give you 35b. I love the role.

I already received the isk and initiated the process, so no.

Transfer completed on my side, character is no longer on my account , new owner please confirm

Character received,thx

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