[PRICE LOWERED] WTS 51.1mil sp (+750k unallocated) moros/rev + subcap char

WTS Myself

Total SP: 51.1mil in addition to 747k unallocated

LINK: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bruke_Mora

*T1 Gun/Siege for both moros + rev.
*T2 Large hybrid capable
*T2 large laser ready, just needs spec books.
*JDC 5
*Decent subcap skills and optimized shield/armor/drones support skills.
*Can fly dictors, ceptors, recons, stealth bombers etc.
*Caldari/gallente/amarr cruiser 5

Char is in NPC corp, can access all highsec space and will be in highsec at the time of the transfer, for which i will cover all fees as per CCP’s guidelines.

All round nice character with good capabilities for the SP level, but needs some tidying up.

Asking price: EDIT 40b <-, will consider reasonable offers.

add your character link pls…

updated, apologies

to the top


40 Bil

noted, looking for a little more tbh

to the top, looking to make a sale today, buyout reduced to 45b

bampty bamp bois

to the top

still selling


will take 40b buyout, if not i’ll be extracting this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


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