WTS 51.8mil subcap pilot (also flies basic T1 moros/rev)


Selling myself. my current SP is 51,082,585 with an Unallocated SP of 747,500

Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bruke_Mora

  • Wallet: positive balance.
  • No kill rights at all.
  • Multiple JC’s dotted around, mostly with +3 implants.
  • Character is currently awaiting for the sale located at Jita Moon 4.
    *Remap available 13th July 2020

*decent subcap pilot, primarily amarr/gallente but can do some caldari stuff and some amarr also.
*good core support skills
*can fly dictors, recons, hacs etc.
*Can fly T1 siege moros and revelation with Jump Cal V

Start/Reserve @ 38b.
Buyout @ 50b.

Mail me ingame or reply here


35.5 billion


36.5 billion

38 b :slight_smile:

reserve met. highest bid 48 hours from now wins

ok 40 b

offer accepted, please send isk and account name

awesome! isk and account name sent.

transfer initiated

got the email confirming the transfer is on its way. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just to let you know: you should not attempt to apply to any ProviBloc entities with this char as it is on the Do Not Recruit list. It was formerly a spy alt inserted into a provi alliance that was sold because it was no longer useful after being burned.