WTS 6.2m SP Pilot

Selling this character.


  • Located in Jita
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • 2 bonus remaps available
  • No jump clones
  • NPC corp
  • Positive sec status

Went heavy into missiles, shields, n Caldari.

Taking offers for now. Thanks!

im gonna start off at 7 bil i will go higher in need be

One bump to see if anyone else is interested :slightly_smiling_face:

No response from zaneylite, so keeping it going!


5b offer.



5b still on the table.

Bump. Looking for at least 6 so I can make something off of it.

6 bil

Thank you Osiris! I’ll take your offer of 6 bill. Please send me your info and ISK and I’ll take care of it!

ISK and email have been sent to Amare Mora.

ISK received and character transfer is paid for.

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