WTS 74m SP Cap/Subcap pilot (Fax and close to dread)

Looking to sell my alt Check me out: Skills link

Fly marauders, black ops, FAX and Carrier(3 race Caldari, Amarr, Gallente) and other subcaps.
Focus on missiles and hybrids.

All ccp rules applied.
No kill rights
Jumpclones 1x MG Nirvana, 1x MG Crystal, 1x MG Amulet with 3-5% hardwirings. (2b+ each set)
Wallet is almost empty but positive
NPC Corp(skillboard not updated yet), High sec location(Jita)

Price: 75B

50b ready

Thanks for the offer, but it is too low.

55 b/o

56b ready

63.5b b/o

Home from work now, could not reply earlier. Sent eve mail


Agreed, waiting isk and account name

isk and account info are sent :slight_smile:


21 Nov 2023 17:15

Transfer Character

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