[CLOSE][WTS] 62M SP Perfect Moros + 3 Jump Freighters + perfect JF & jump skills + trader + close to Titan

:aura: WTS very focused 62M SP pilot, no wast skills.


:boom: Perfect Moros Pilot
:boom: Perfect Jump Freighters (Ark + Anshar + Rhea Pilot)
:boom: Perfect Jump Drive skills
:boom: Crane + Bustard Pilot
:boom: Good trade skills
:boom: Close to Titan (have portal)

Implants for Moros
I will pay transfere Fee

B/O 65B

:boom: Confirm, I am for sale!

45 bil to start


Daily bump.

Still selling this character?

Yes, character for sell

Daily bump.

Daily bump

Daily bump

still sale

45 bil still valid

daily bump!


Need more

Very Focused Moros & All DF pilot still for sale.

Very good & very focused.

still sell๏ผŸ

56b ready

65Bill start. Very focused character.