WTS 68m SP nearly perfect Nyx/Hel/Naglfar pilot

68,733,813 Total Skill Points (722,500 unallocated)

Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Capital Ships V
All jump skills to V
Light/Support/Heavy Fighters V
All fighter support skills to V
Skirmish Command Specialist V
Armor compensations V
T2 Siege and cap guns

High-grade Ascendancy pod

In Jita, in NPC corp, security status 5.0, with positive wallet and no kill rights.

Extraction price + transfer fee is around 42b, so accepting offers above that. I’ll keep this open for a few days depending on the level of interest.

i am offering 45b

Thanks for the offer. If there is no higher offer in 72hrs, I will sell to @vegdog for 45b.

First bump

Second bump. Selling in 24hrs to highest offer.

Looks like you’ve got it, @vegdog. Please send isk and account name to Dank Wormholeisk.

Hey @vegdog, waiting for ISK and account name.

Buyer seems to be MIA, so bidding is re-opened. Taking offers above 42b.

Final bump before I extract this char.

would you take 40? can send isk right now. Will go to a good home and not just have his brains sucked out through a straw!

Sure, sold to @drones_man for 40b. Looking forward to seeing some spicy drops on Dank’s killboard!

i’ll do 40.1 billions and can transfer isk right now… i’m online

Thanks, but taking 1b increment bids only. It’s the only fair thing, otherwise we’re here for days nickel-and-diming each other.

well, i can take it for 40bil then… i can transfer isk right now too. let me know if you want isk.

Sorry, selling to drones man who bid first.

41b offer

hey, thanks so much. Fell asleep since your msg - info inc!

Transfer started, enjoy :slight_smile:

Dawn miss it.

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