WTS 2.5mil sp pilot

A friend of mine wants to begin the game but doesn’t have much time to farm up to a decent level, so i decided to sell my char and split the revenue. You get everything this has since it’s not much


The dream is 2.5bil. (buyout i guess)



Please read the rules for selling a character.

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Care to elaborate more?

Bumping is only to be done once every 24 hours. I am locking this thread for that time.

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Ah, all right. Missed that part

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hey, you did a nice job for the skill points you trained, take it from me, I build and sell toons, but, as the ISD says, read the rules, looks like you are over bumping and your character has to be in an NPC corp to sell him, those are the immediate concerns me thinks, but that said, I will buy your toon for 2.5b once you read the rules and make the changes needed, ISK on hand and a slot open to rec.

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@Skander_Parzival at that price there is no revenue.
You need to place 1K PLEX in your vault to transfer the character with a support ticket.
At the current price you’re actually losing money.

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