WTs titan Pilot 3 injected books mini titan 5

WTs myself https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Marleath_Orteska

Price starts at 65b

If I don’t see a price that I like post will come down

I quote 65B

Thanks for the quote, bumping

Is the transfer a week or 24 hours? 65B offer

70 bill offer

75 bill

80 bill

Thanks for bids currently at 80b but gonna leave it open for a while longer, bumping

84B offer

85B offer

85b leading will close bid monday evening

86 billion

86 billion, bid closes tuesday 1400 eve time

86b accepted, give me till Friday to finish moving assets off the character we will start transfer Friday

88b offer

No response in game or on forums of 86b 88b leads

I can have all stuff moved later today if you are good to do transfer today

no mail or in game isk sent, bid back to open

80B offer

current bid is 80b leading. bid closes sunday at 2200 eve