WTS 24.8m SP Titan Pilot (SOLD)

(Mrs Twister) #1


Needs some work but it’s a decent start.

Positive wallet and sec status
No kill rights
No jump clones
One remap available
Located in highsec and in npc corp

All rules apply, I will pay transfer fee. ISK to this character.

Accepting any offers

(jenna tec) #2

20b b/o isk ready

(Mrs Twister) #3

Seems to be a fair offer, let me think about it for a bit?

(jenna tec) #4

sure, i’ll be around tomorrow or hit me up in the next 2h i should still be there

(Karl Binchiette) #5

22 Bil

(Mr Alty Alt) #6

23 bil

(jenna tec) #7


(Mr Alty Alt) #8


(Karl Binchiette) #9


(Mr Alty Alt) #10


(Mrs Twister) #11

Thank you for the offers, I have decided to make this a short auction and will end it at 06:00 UTC on the 29th of July.

(jenna tec) #12


(Mrs Twister) #13

Auction is now closed, jenna tec I will be sending you a mail in game.

Thank you everyone for your interest.

(Mr Alty Alt) #14

29bil… Also, why did you update the auction ending time twice? At first it was 20:00 UTC today.

(Mrs Twister) #15

I wanted to end it sooner is all, sorry if it caused any trouble.

(Mr Alty Alt) #16

So you won’t accept the other bids? I have my ISK ready.

(Mrs Twister) #17

if jenna doesn’t reply in 30 minutes I will accept your offer, let me know if you are okay with that.

(Mr Alty Alt) #18

That is okay with me. Just drop a message on forums or PM in-game.

(Mrs Twister) #19

Accepting 29b, awaiting isk to this character.

(Mr Alty Alt) #20

Isk sent. Awaiting transfer.