WTB Titan Sitter (Avatar, Erebus or Ragnarok)

As per the title i’m looking to buy a basic Titan pilot. Anything but Caldari please.



https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/LLIALLIJIbI4EK pas 555
starts price like a 35b


Characters for sale need to be in an NPC corp, would you be able to do that?

I’d offer 27bil for the character though, which is a few bil above extraction cost :slight_smile:

Hi @Legit_Salesgirl

I’d offer 25bil for your character, skills seem a little out of line for a titan sitter :slight_smile:

@Legit_Salesgirl yeah, fair point. How much would you be looking for the character?

Would also want proof by the character posting here etc :slight_smile:

@Legit_Salesgirl Would you take 12bil?

it sold sorry.


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