WTS 17m pilot (809k unallocated sp)

I am for sale:

Character will be transferred using CC.


16,7m sp.
23 days to recon V
Perfect freighter
4m sp in gunnery

809.500 unallocated sp

  • 1 set of basic (+3) implants
  • Positive wallet
  • Positive sec status
  • No killrights
  • 2 bonus remaps available

Bids from 9b.
B/O for 14b.

i pay you 10 bil if you can transfer today

Thank you for the offer. If you want me to transfer today you need to meet the B/O of 15b.

Friendly bump!

Up we go

To the top!

I has confuse, is the B/O 13b or 15b ?

I have reduced the B/O to 13b

Confirming that B/O is reduced to 13b.

25 days to recon V.

23 days to recon 5

i will give you the 13bil for this character

BO of 13b accepted!

Please send an igm with account name for transfer, and transfer isk to this account.

isk and account info sent

Isk recieved. Character transfer being started in 2 min.

Reciept recieved for character transfer by CC.
Please confirm when character is recieved.

character recieved… thanks

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