***SOLD*** WTS 148 Mill SP Char Highly skilled


positive wallet
positive sec
located in HS, Dodixie

Very Skilled shield/Missile/Drone/Marauder/BS/Strat Cruiser/Carrier pilot

Starting bid 80 Billion
B/O- 125 Bill

I will receive ISK
I will pay transfer fees.

80b bid

81b bid

85b bid

86b bid

90 bil

100b bid

thanks for the bids guys :slight_smile:

he’s definitely worth more though.

I’m open to a close B/O offer and the B/O set at 125B.

I will run the Auction for a few days.

i think you’re shooting a little bit high at 125bil. I’ll be generious and give you 110bil as my final offer…

advice taken @ProjectPhoenix. I accept 110 Billion :slight_smile:

please send ISK and details to this character and I will start the transfer.

Happy days :slight_smile:

isk sent, please transfer pilot

ISK received with thanks :slight_smile:

pilot transfered to account provided.

Happy flying o7

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