Wts 94 mln sp gunnery toon

3 jump clones
1 remap
no kill rights
char in high sec
positive wallet
sec status 5
256000 free sp
70b start bid
90 BO

80B b/o accepted by seller

yes, I accept this bid

This appears to be part of the same scan based off the layout and accepting clearly a low ball offer

? quick sale m8

Just have your reimbursement ticket ready when this is a scam

Ok i will

He’s not lying about the scam. Check the thread he linked above. I just got scammed by a seller who posted a char with nearly identical language and accepted a low offer for same.

Well i will give it some time , already sent isk and account info

isk received, transfer will be transferred soon

Did You start it yet ?

@Korela Please reply with a confirmation if you started the transfer as per the character bazaar rules.

Closing thread. Pending GM investigation.