Wts 117 sp awesome subcap

1 remap
No kill rights
With out any implants or jump clones
Character in high sec
Have positive wallet and sec status
85b start
110 b bo

100b offered for a quick sale

accepted waiting for isk transfer

Logging in now to send.

Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

Not to hijack this thread, but I’ve noticed a trend of the layout of a lot of posts since FF started and wondering if they are actually going through.

is the exactly same title layout,format etc.

@Absolute_Truth did this go through?

Negative, i’m waiting for the transfer to be initiated. I spoke to the seller and he said he needed to contract off his assets prior to initiating the transfer. He said that would take about 10 minutes. It’s been 4 hours and I’ve received no email confirmation.

@Absolute_Truth You have probably been scammed. Get a hold of CCP asap. I was scammed 3 times in the same day last week. Same type of offer.

@Brock_Khans Good catch.

When I saw these offers I likewise thought that they were a scam, hence why i didn’t bid on them. I didn’t say anything b/c I thought I was maybe being paranoid, but guess not.

Not sure if it’s because of fan fest. Or what. But tons of these same formats popping up this week

Thanks for the heads up guys. Any idea how long it takes to get reimbursed once you submit a ticket?

It varies. I’ve had to wait anywhere from 14 hours to two weeks.

Ok. Does CCP make you wait any amount of time prior to submitting the support ticket? i.e., do i have to give the seller X amount of hours/days to initiate the transfer prior to submitting a support ticket for scamming?

No, contact them now. The less time the scammer has to liquidate the sp on the character, the higher the chances that CCP catches him before he can RMT everything. I’ve already linked this thread in my closed ticket from last week. Good luck.

You could also try: security@ccpgames.com

These accounts were likely hacked.

@Absolute_Truth Hey , Where You in a convo with him , ingame ?

Yes. The conversation took place in-game.

[ 2018.04.13 15:22:41 ] Absolute Truth > o7
[ 2018.04.13 15:22:55 ] dron Sabezan > o7 hello
[ 2018.04.13 15:22:57 ] Absolute Truth > hey man, any idea when you’ll be able to start the transfer?
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:01 ] dron Sabezan > i just saw isk
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:16 ] Absolute Truth > Ok, i sent you the account information in a mail
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:22 ] Absolute Truth > account to transfer to is: [redacted]
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:42 ] dron Sabezan > ok i need around 10 min to contract assets and ill do transfer
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:56 ] Absolute Truth > sounds good!
[ 2018.04.13 15:23:58 ] Absolute Truth > thanks a lot
[ 2018.04.13 15:24:04 ] Absolute Truth > o7

and then he left convo?

I left convo, nothing more needed to be said at that time.