70m sp character for sale


WTS me as I don’t have the time to use this character to its full potential
7d auction
I retain the right to end the sale at any point before the time is up
character is located in high sec
positive wallet balance
0 kill rights
starting bid 50b
bidding increments 500m
buyout 100b
I will receive the isks
I will also pay the transfer fee

cruiser 5
hac 5
logistics cruiser 5
barge 5
exhumers 5
capital industrial 5
jump freighters 4
jump drive calli 5
industrial recon 5
cap ship construction 4
can train interdictor and hic straight away
can also fly carrier

let’s try 50B

54b ready

55 Billions

56 bil

57b isk

60 Bill

63b isk

64 bil


65 billions



not quite there yet but this character will sell keep up the interest




Day 2

replicon is top bidder with 69 bill

sry for cancel