80 mil sp mission runner pvp character for sale


Positive wallet

NPC corp now

No killrights

55b/o obo

Starting bid 50b

Located in Dodixie

positive sec status

Confirmed I am for sale.

55B offer

I will take 55b. Send the isk and account info if still interested.

55.5b offer。

New buy out 55b

Send 55b and account info and the character is yours. @Cez_McNez

ok.i can send you after 4 hours .i am out of my home.do you agree it?

Yes its okay

Don’t you sell it to me?

oh boy

I’m sorry I will send you isk now


First person to give the isk gets the character. I just would like it done so I can play eve. Thanks guys.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Sold to Pootie Tang.

oh boy

Isk recieved and character transfer paid. Thank you.

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