WTS 202.6 M SP Female Character - 27 M SP Unallocated - Price Modified

Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

This is a very well trained PVP / PVE character with 202.6 M SP (27 M SP Unallocated).

Here is a link to her skill-sheet:


  • Character is in the NPC corporation.

  • Wallet balance will be zero before transferring the character.

  • No kill-rights.

  • Located in Jita 4-4.

All CCP rules apply.

Buyout: 200 Billion ISK.

Taking into account the training precision and unallocated SP (which is rare for a high SP character to have), I’m keen to sell the character for my buyout price.

Thank you!

160b offer

Nice Toon :wink:

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170 B


180 B is really my lower limit …

Managed to get the funds, can do 180 B.

Ready if you’re willing to accept.


I accept.

Please send the ISK to this character along with your username.

Once received, I’ll confirm on here and then initiate the transfer to your account.



Fantastic, ISK has been sent. Account username has been mailed in-game, please confirm all is correct. :slight_smile:


ISK and username received - many thanks!

The character transfer has just been initiated, so she will be on your account in 10 hours.

Please let me know on here once you’ve received the character.

Thanks again!


Thanks very much!

Can confirm the transfer was successful and have received the character.

Thanks again, have a Merry Christmas :slight_smile: