WTS old 100 m sp pilot

(Cavethug) #1


It is time to sell my main. According with CCP rules, char is in NPC corp now, in high sec with positive sec status and wallet. No kill right, 2 jump clones available, omega status

60 bil b/o

(Fizzie) #2

ill start from 65b

(Cavethug) #3


(Savoc Minithor) #4

ill give you the 70 B

(Cavethug) #5

70 is what I am looking for. Deal is confirmed

(Cavethug) #6

Talked to the buyer, he was mistaken and hadn’t got 70 bil isk, so my pilot is still for sale with b/o 70 bil

(Absolute Truth) #7

Ill give you 70b for this char.

(UrsusMajor) #8

Still for sale? if so, will do 72b

(Cavethug) #9

yes, still for sale

(The Durantis) #10

74b b/o 2 hours valid

(UrsusMajor) #11

have you started the transfer?

(Cavethug) #12

still available, 66 bil b/o

(The Durantis) #13

Ill pay 66b.

(Cavethug) #14

ok, send isk and acc info to me pls

(Cavethug) #15

sending now?

(The Durantis) #16

open in game convo with me

(Cavethug) #17

I was trying but you didnt accept it. Now i am not able. Just send isk and info, i ll transfer asap

(IChooseYou) #18

This looks like a scam. Watch out.

(IChooseYou) #19

100% scam. don’t send any more isk to this dude.

(The Durantis) #20

heard you have isk from 2 other people and are scamming. no thanks